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Mexico's new abortion bill
The bill focuses on the decriminalization of abortion and the recognition of sexual rights
Abortion could soon be legal throughout Mexico
Women from all over the country travel to Mexico to access safe abortions
A woman’s constitutional right to an abortion treatened in the United States
Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio enacted statutes this year outlawing abortion after a doctor can detect an embryonic heartbeat
Yalitza Aparicio, a bold feminist activist
Yalitza Aparicio has vowed to fight for the rights of Indigenous women and domestic workers, who are often discriminated
Mexico, abortion, and forced maternity
There are 19 states that have modified their local constitutions to protect life since conception
Mega Body Paint Mexico organized an event to celebrate its 5th anniversary and women through art
How much does an abortion cost in Mexico?
World Health Organization estimates that each year, 1.5 million abortions are performed in Mexico
Abortion is still punished in Mexico
Abortion by choice is still banned in most Mexican states
Abortion is a human right
Abortion is part of the right to self-determination, and every government is compelled to guarantee the right and safe conditions to have an abortion
The rule, which affects American non-governmental organizations working abroad, is one that incoming presidents have used to signal their positions on abortion rights