Morena, Mexico's ruling party, has announced that it will fight to legalize abortion before the 12th week, in order to guarantee and protect the sexual and reproductive rights of Mexican women, therefore, the party presented a series of reform proposals yesterday.

The proposal includes the right to abortion in all the states before the 12th week and it also includes penalties for those who force women to end their pregnancies and considers revoking medical licenses to doctors and nurses if they force a woman to abort.

It also recognizes the doctors' and nurses' right to conscientious objection but it will force the National Health System to guarantee that a doctor willing to perform an abortion is available at clinics and hospitals at all times.

The initiative called Reform to the General Health Law in Matters of Progress of the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women, not only includes the right to abortion, but it also introduces a new term: women's reproductive autonomy.

This bill proposes changes to four articles from the Criminal Code: the decriminalization of abortion and the recognition of sexual rights.

The bill includes a proposal to allow doctors and nurses to refuse to perform abortions but it will require all hospitals and clinics to hire a doctor who performs abortions.

Nevertheless, anyone who forces a woman to abort against their will could be sentenced to up to six years in jail. If there is physical or moral violence, they could be sentenced to 8 years in jail. If a doctor or nurse performs a non-consensual abortion, they will be suspended for 5 years.

If a woman has voluntarily had an abortion after the 12th week, she could be sentenced to up to six months in jail or up to 300 days of community service. The same punishment will be imposed on the person who performs the abortion.


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