Mega Body Paint México

is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a body painting event in Mexico City!

Mega Body Paint México

is formed by artists, models, photographers , and led by Jessica Esquivias . They organize an event to Celebrate the Day of Dead every year, where the public can have their face painted by professional makeup artists to celebrate the ancient tradition.

With an unquestionable entrepreneurial aura, Jessica Esquivias , president of Mega Body Paint México , says that “body art or body paint is a technique that demands the use of living canvases” emphasizing the respect from the makeup artist t owards the canvases, the process and, above all, the models.

Jessica shares how Mega Body Paint México started on May 8, 2014 , in the celebration of the International Women's Day. “The event took place at the Doctores quarter in the Cuauhtémoc borough, it gathered 96 models and 73 make up artists,” with a focus on the value and the respect for the human body.

Mega Body Paint Méxic

o is defined as an artistic, cultural and educational family concerned with social causes aiming to erase the ghoulish distortion towards body paint while impulsing young talents.

Body art

explores the use of the human body as a vehicle for expression with the possibility to convey social criticism , as Jessy notes, Mega Body Paint México “presents body art both as a vehicle for artistic expression and for social criticism.”

In 2014, Mega Body Paint México organized a protest against the statements issued by José María Martínez, Head of the Family Commission at the time, who declared that the only acceptable family structure should be integrated by the figure of a mother, a father and their offspring, thus neglecting families structured otherwise.

That same year, Mega Body Paint México started Mega Procesión de las Catrinas , an event that revolves around The Calavera Catrina, Mexico's Grande Dame of Death , a creation by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada in 1912, aiming to preserve Mexican traditions.


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