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The Mixtec Art of War: unveiling military ideology in pre-Columbian cultures
According to chronicles and codices, the Mixtec culture had military strategies similar to those presented in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
Only interests: The betrayal of the Kurdish people is an old U.S. tradition
The situation of the Middle East took another dramatic turn this week with the U.S. partial withdrawal from northeastern Syria, abandoning the Kurdish militia who fought the Islamic extremists
Turkey to launch military operation in northeast Syria
Turkey has already launched two military incursions in Syria’s northwest and says those operations showed it can restore services and infrastructure to areas devastated by war
Mexico ranks first on organized crime
The Organized Crime Index Africa 2019 includes human and arms trafficking, human smuggling, and flora and fauna crimes in which Mexico is ranked over other 64 countries on civil war or with serious security threats
Drone attacks on Saudi Arabia increase the danger of major war in the Middle East
After four years of bombarding and starving the Yemeni people with virtual impunity, Saudi Arabia is on the front line due to the bold drone attack on its territory
“We are in the next phase of the struggle”
Activist and journalist Ahmed Kaballo spoke to EL UNIVERSAL in English to address the current political situation in the northeastern African country
What is next for Sudan after the long dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir?
After 30 years of authoritarian rule, Sudan is struggling to find a path towards a democratic government and economic development in a region afflicted by conflicts and foreign intervention
Everything you need to know about Cinco de Mayo
Charles Ferdinand Latrille wrote to the French War Minister, claiming that “we have a race, organization, discipline, and elevation of feelings superior to Mexicans”
Mexican children are in danger
Some drug cartels manipulate minors, using them to sell drugs or as watchmen, in charge of reporting the presence of soldiers, police officers, or strangers
“Regime change” failure: Libya’s 8-year-old civil war comes to Tripoli
Eight years ago, Libya was the most advanced African country until Western intervention to topple Muammar Gaddafi plunged its territory into a civil war