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Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano looks dazzling in new HD cameras
Striking images of the Popocatépetl volcano erupting near Mexico City shocked residents of the capital
The ancient story of Mexico's volcanoes
In a letter colonizer Hernán Cortés sent to Emperor Carlos V, he mentioned that in the Tenochtitlán landscape there was a mountain range that exhaled a lot of smoke
The turmoil behind the thermoelectric plant in Morelos
The project dates back to 2011 when Felipe Calderón was President and during Peña Nieto's presidency, it was announced that the plan would continue but it was never implemented
Krakatau volcano partial collapse triggered Indonesia tsunami
A tsunami killed at least 373 people and injured hundreds on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra following an underwater landslide caused by the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano
Snow and adventures near Mexico City
The Nevado de Toluca National Park has an area of 51,000 hectares and is one of the most visited attractions in the country
Mexico provides assistance to Fuego volcano burn victims
Victims of the Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala are transferred to Mexico City in order to receive medical assistance at the Burns Unit of Mexico's National Rehabilitation Institute
Property losses mount on Hawaii as lava flow spreads
Civil defense reported a total of 117 homes destroyed across the island’s larger lava-stricken region, as the eruption from Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, continued through its 33rd day
Guatemala's volcano eruption leaves dozens dead and hundreds injured
An estimated 25 people, including at least three children, were killed and nearly 300 injured on Sunday in the most violent eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano in more than four decades
Paricutín is the youngest volcano in the world
The eruptions cap about 10 days of periodic exhalations at the volcano, which is one of Mexico's most active