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U.S. asylum pact with Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala cements Trump’s Regional Strategy
Honduras signed a deal with the U.S. on Wednesday—similar to agreements signed by El Salvador & Guatemala—that could push migrants who cross the country on the way to the United States back to seek asylum
Mexico rejects U.S. “safe third country” proposal once again
In theory, a safe third country agreement would force asylum seekers from Central America, who make up a large part of migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, to seek refuge in Mexico
Mexico refuses to become a safe third country
That former deal was reached to avert Trump’s threat of tariffs on Mexican imports
Mexico-U.S. relation: It's time for dialogue and cooperation
The Trump administration recognized that the number of undocumented migrants who cross into the U.S. has decreased
The elimination of the U.S. asylum system will not stop the immigrant wave
The virtual elimination of the United States asylum system will not stop the current immigrant wave from Central America; on the contrary, it will exacerbate the problems that the U.S. and Mexico are facing
President López Obrador trusts no one
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Guatemalan migrant girl dies after Mexican detention
The 10-year-old girl was treated for a sore throat as soon as she arrived at the Iztapalapa Migration Station with her mother on Tuesday after traveling by bus from the northern state of Chihuahua
Despite falling numbers, immigration remains divisive European Union issue
Looking to keep migration in the spotlight, anti-immigrant parties have been quick to portray the newcomers as a security threat, pointing to deadly jihadist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, London, and Barcelona
The crimes committed by Central and South American migrants in Mexico
Julio “N”, a 38-year-old Honduran man, was arrested in 2014 and was sentenced to 60 years in jail for homicide, first-degree murder, and organized crime
U.S. border militia groups, from racists to criminals and child abusers
Nearly two years into the Trump’s White House, the stability of the United States-Mexico border is confirmed by the absence of anti-immigrant militia groups