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President Donald Trump signs USMCA trade deal
The USMCA replaces NAFTA, a deal signed in 1994, which boosted the economy in the region
Chinese auto parts companies to strengthen their presence in Mexico
With the ratification of the USMCA, the arrival of new Chinese auto parts firms is expected to fulfill the new rule of origin for the production of vehicles on North America
Mexico embarks first banana exports to China
Mexico sent 39 tonnes of bananas from Tabasco and Chiapas to the Asian country
Mexican trade union suspends strike threat at Home Depot
Home Depot has about 6,200 workers under the union’s contracts out of a total of 16,000 Home Depot employees across 125 stores in Mexico
U.S. Senate approves USMCA trade deal
The U.S. Senate has approved the USMCA after months of negotiations
Under USMCA, Mexican trade union threatens strike at Home Depot
CROC has accused Home Depot of blocking union activity and threatened strikes next week if the U.S. chain does not improve pay and benefits for workers
Candles, a tradition lighting new generations in Oaxaca
This artisanal and highly creative trade was shared from a family to a whole community as a way to improve economic conditions
U.S. House of Representatives passes USMCA trade deal
The House vote sends the NAFTA replacement measure to the Senate for consideration early in 2020
USMCA: Mexico was blindsided by labor enforcement provision proposed by the U.S. Congress
The language used in the U.S. bill would allow the U.S. to deploy up to 5 full-time diplomats to Mexico
United States-China trade and geopolitical tensions will extend into 2020
The trade and geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China will extend into 2020 with its potential to disrupt global economic growth