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Thanks to a strong influx of restaurateurs seeking to exalt Mexican cuisine while preserving the beauty and traditions of what was once a small Olmec settlement that stood next to a stream
Filled with clotted cream, whipped cream or even chocolate are decadent ways of enjoying pan de muerto, yet have you ever thought of macarons, cookies or bonbons inspired by our most beloved pastry?
There is no doubt that Chiles en nogada are in the spotlight each year on September ready to play the main role in every meal
Families will have a series of options to celebrate Father's Day far away from the concrete jungle!
Mexico-Laos: A young, yet strong bilateral relation
In an interview with Mr. Mai Sayavongs, Ambassador of Laos to the United States with current accreditation to Mexico, we discussed a bilateral relation of more than 40 years, trade possibilities, and culture
Pan de muerto, bread of the dead
Anthropophagy of bread and sugar!
Gathering people who were curious and excited to experience Death a la mexicana
Mega Procesión de las Catrinas 2017
On September 15 several Mexican families will celebrate Independence by feasting on this dish
Three events devoted to food will be held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City