“I want everyone who dines in here to truly grasp Mexican gastronomy ,” says Alan Carias chef and co-owner of , the new restaurant at boutique hotel .

Chef Alan Carias

’ modern take on Mexican cuisine has two contrasting stages, initially, the restaurant offers a series of dishes for both breakfast and lunch that can be traced back to a traditional Mexican eatery , yet with dainty Yucatecan hints , here and there, either in the ingredients or in preparation techniques.

When the sun goes down, Ardea’s more traditional menu shifts and grows into a casual dining carte featuring an exquisite selection of wines, premium distillates, and outstanding artisanal options that complement to perfection each dish.

In every single dish, chef Alan Carias flaunts the plethora of ingredients, techniques, and preparations within Mexican cuisine , which makes Ardea Tulum the perfect place to explore the vast gastronomy of our country.


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