Amidst the luscious Mexican Caribbean coasts of the lies Tulum , an enigmatic town surrounded by ancient ruins and exotic beaches right in the heart of the rainforest .


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Offering a unique combination of rustic comfort, luxurious Eco-Chic style, and a dash of captivating mysticism, Tulum quickly became Mexico’s trendiest tourist destination prompting this Riviera Maya paradise to be the next gastronomic hotspot of Mexican cuisine .

“I want everyone who dines in here to truly grasp Mexican gastronomy ,” says Alan Carias chef and co-owner of , the new restaurant at boutique hotel .


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Portrayed by a white heron —a bird species commonly found in the Yucatán Peninsula and whose genus gave name to the restaurant—and a ceramic incense burner filled with (tree resin) traditionally used in the region as a natural mosquito repellent, Ardea is set to diversify Mexican cuisine in its greatest depth by skillfully adapting pre-Hispanic recipes with global techniques.

Chef Alan Carias

’ modern take on Mexican cuisine has two contrasting stages, initially, the restaurant offers a series of dishes for both breakfast and lunch that can be traced back to a traditional Mexican eatery , yet with dainty Yucatecan hints , here and there, either in the ingredients or in preparation techniques.

Handmade corn quesadillas stuffed with black , pasilla chili , and chorizo fried eggs are some of the dishes that serve as a preface for the privileged guest to the extensive cuisine that Mexico embodies.


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When the sun goes down, Ardea’s more traditional menu shifts and grows into a casual dining carte featuring an exquisite selection of wines, premium distillates, and outstanding artisanal options that complement to perfection each dish.

To whet one’s appetite , Ardea offers a refreshing raw tuna, mango, and jicama entrée doused in green tomatillo juice with subtle hues of ginger, celery, and honey. Velvety squash rice with aged peppery goat cheese crowned with fried marjoram leaves is served as a second course in a contrast of flavors and textures to the palate.


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The dinner continues with a succulent charbroiled beef, maize pâté stuffed onions, an enigmatic mushroom and maize fungus , in use since the Aztecs—bread, and an extraordinary reduction of black beans, a decadent concoction that portrays the restaurant identity in a single dish. Finally, Ardea features a delicate chocolate and a crisp grapefruit and shiso ice cream to end the feast on a delectable note .


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In every single dish, chef Alan Carias flaunts the plethora of ingredients, techniques, and preparations within Mexican cuisine , which makes Ardea Tulum the perfect place to explore the vast gastronomy of our country.


is located at Coco Hacienda —one of the four —in the heart of the town of Tulum .


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