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Forced prostitution and human trafficking in Mexico
Violence against women, femicide, and rape have increased in the last decades
Judge fines prosecutors in child rape case against La Luz del Mundo leader
On Thursday, a Los Angeles judge sanctioned two prosecutors for failing to turn over evidence in the case of Joaquín Naasón García, a Mexican megachurch leader charged with child rape and human trafficking
The Mexican catholic church ignores the Pope
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Mexico City: Sexual abuse is on the rise
The majority of the attacks take place in Centro, Guerrero, Juárez, and Santa María la Ribera neighborhoods
Governor says his administration detected child trafficking cases in Puebla
Journalist Lydia Cacho published a book that unveiled a sex trafficking ring in Puebla
Migrants experience physical, psychological, or sexual violence during their journey to the U.S.
In some cases, migrants are forced to trade sex for food in order to survive
4 serial rapists have been arrested in Mexico City in the last 6 months
The sexual assaults took place in the Álvaro Obregón borough
Feminists protest against gender violence in Mexico City
On Friday, Mexican women throughout the country marched against sexual crimes and the lack of action of authorities to punish offenders
Over 500 women protest after two minors were raped in Mexico City
At least four women, including 2 minors, were raped in recent days
Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein found dead
The investigation will continue despite Epstein’s death