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Local Congress approves the creation of a Sex Offender Registry in Mexico City
In recent months, feminist activists have taken the streets to demand the implementation of effective mechanisms to prevent gender-based violence
The Vatican suspects 4 Mexican bishops are involved in clerical abuse
In Mexico, Catholic authorities are investigating 217 priests for child abuse
The Vatican sends its top sex crime investigators to Mexico
After the investigators went to Chile, every active Chilean bishop offered to resign
Mexican women face a series of obstacles to access safe abortions
What happens when the rights of victims of sexual abuse and doctors collide?
Mexican authorities fail to protect women who are victims of sexual abuse
In Mexico, women are subjected to sexual abuse, physical violence, harassment, and femicide
Woman was raped after Mexican authorities sent her to a male prison
One and a half year after the incident, authorities will investigate the case
Mexican authorities and the Catholic church are in debt with sex abuse victims
Infamous pedophile Marcial Maciel was protected by authorities and the Catholic church, which allowed him to abuse an unknown number of victims
The Catholic Church doesn’t want sex abuse cases to expire in Mexico
In recent years, especially under Pope Francis, the church has taken a more active role in the fight against pedophile priests
Child sex abuse reaches alarming levels in Mexico
The fact that these heinous crimes against children are increasing demands urgent attention
Forced prostitution and human trafficking in Mexico
Violence against women, femicide, and rape have increased in the last decades