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Mexican students create robotic hand for people with disabilities
The prosthesis is made with mechanical, electronic, and 3D-printed pieces
Mexican students succeed in UBTECH Robotics Competition
The UBTECH Robotics competition consists of building and programming a robot that is able to perform multiple tasks
Mexican robot helps patients walk again
Roki was designed by engineers Norberto Velázquez, Daniel Izar, and José Antonio Ramírez to help people with disabilities
UNAM to send 9 microrobots to the moon in 2021
The robots will navigate the lunar surface and form a solar panel
Mexican students succeed in RoboCup 2019 with robot “Justina”
The objective of the Biorobotics Lab is to prepare students and pursue research in the area
Outstanding CONALEP students will visit NASA
The group of Mexican students will also visit the Mexican Consulate in Houston and the San Jacinto Museum
Mexican high school students to participate in Robofest World Championship
Their Arpa Laser project aims to help children learn English through music
Mexican students create Turing machine made out of Lego blocks
Two IPN students have build a machine meant to help facilitate learning of math and computer skills among children
Mexican students to compete at FIRST Robotics Championship in Houston
The team from San Luis will move on to the Regionals in Salt Lake City, Utah, from 28 to 30 March
Mexico to compete in FIRST LEGO World Championship
Two robotics teams from Mexico will compete at the FIRST LEGO Championship from April 17 to 20