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The Swiss woman teaching those in need in Acapulco
Since she first arrived in Acapulco, Jovita Cavigelli made it her mission to help those in need in the Mexican port
The Mexican ghost town scarred by migration
Poverty created a culture of migration to the U.S. in the search for better living conditions
The sale of the presidential plane will provide safe drinking water to rural communities
In this rural town, people are provided with drinking water every 20 days
Mexico will spend half a billion to fight poverty in 2020
The federal government will focus on welfare programs next year
La Bestia: Dozens of immigrants lose limbs while riding the freight train
The train helps immigrants flee extortionists, kidnappers, and migration agents and police officers
Santa María del Mar, a decade in darkness
Almost 1,000 inhabitants of this town have been living without light and the services and activities powered by it since 2009, when their brothers from San Mateo del Mar blocked their only land access and destroyed the electric network that supplied the community
Retired couple takes literature to impoverished communities
They have received a lot of support from society, schools, and universities who have sent them books
Violence threatens Magical Towns
Magical Towns are not exempt from the violence wave in Mexico; 680 alleged murders were registered in these communities during the first half of 2019
Over 4,000 Mexican minors involved in organized crime
The lack of education and job opportunities, as well as generalized poverty in marginalized areas, ease the way for criminal groups to seduce and kidnap the youngest population
Has Mexico forsaken its youth?
When will authorities offer better opportunities for the Mexican youth?