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U.S. imposes 17.5% tariff on Mexican tomatoes
Farmers persuaded the Trump administration to impose seasonal anti-dumping duties against Mexican produce
President López Obrador pushes for labor reform after warning from Nancy Pelosi
López Obrador, who met with U.S. lawmakers this week, said he did not want there to be any motive for the United States to reopen negotiations
The deplorable reason behind Donald Trump's threat
Through the relatively short history as independent nations, Mexico and the United States have had a turbulent relationship
Mexico rejects steel and aluminum quotas proposed by the U.S.
Robert Lighthizer said that the United States is working on a plan to lift tariffs from Mexican and Canadian steel and aluminum but preserve the gains that U.S. domestic producers
El mandatario estadounidense exige a los demócratas dinero para su muro. FOTO: AFP
Cabe recordar que también la administración enfrenta ahora el tercer cierre desde que Trump llegó al poder a principios de 2017
Donald Trump
Según The Associated Press, el mandatario estadounidense dejaría al Congreso la elección sobre si reemplazar o no el Tratado entre EU, Canadá y México
Mexico, Canada and U.S. to sign the USMCA
Legislators from the three countries still have to approve the USMCA before it goes into effect
Ex vicepresidente de Grupo Modelo, Valentín Diez Morodo
El ex vicepresidente de Grupo Modelo declaró: lo viví en carne propia cuando empezamos a tratar de vender unas ‘cajitas’ de cerveza, no hay que concentrarse en un solo mercado, hay que diversificarse
A new name for NAFTA: USMCA, TEUMECA or T-MEC?
President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has officially launched his first call soliciting public opinion via a Twitter feed
From NAFTA to USMCA: A whimsical change of name?
With US midterm elections approaching, it seems that the symbolic disappearance of NAFTA is quite a win for the US president, hence, ditching the famous acronym seems to be merely politically motivated and completely uncalled for