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La adaptación de la obra de Stephen King alcanzó una recaudación de 60 mdd
El director dijo que la mayoría de sus películas le toman años pero que esta era diferente
El 8 de agosto será publicado el primer tráiler de la cinta de Darren Aronofsky
Ethan Couch fled to Mexico with his mother in December 2015 after her appeared to violate the probation deal that kept him out of jail. He was captured, returned to Texas
The gang members known as "tequileros" kidnapped about a dozen Totolapan inhabitants who they apparently suspect of supporting rivals
Acting on a tip, the FBI and Mexican authorities found Llorens and Allen, then 17, near Mexico City on Sept. 30, 2014.
She went to authorities and said she was the subject of a missing persons report filed a 10 years earlier by her mother, soon after she had arrived in the U.S. from Mexico.
The two boys were last seen in California at Los Angeles International Airport to have a supervised visit with their biological mother on Aug. 28.
The woman told agents she had fallen off the fence on the Mexico side and injured herself. A smuggler took the child and told her the Border Patrol would take care of him.
The mother and son were arrested in the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta late last month.