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Violence against women: over 400,000 aggressors in Mexico
In the last 12 years, Mexico’s government has identified 406,104 aggressors of women of all ages in the country. The figures show how aggressions against this sector of the population have become a structural problem
Mexico pledges to eradicate violence against women amid alarming femicide rates
Between January and October 2019, at least 809 women were killed because of their gender
Mexican women are besieged by femicide and gender violence
Today, Mexican women will protest against violence against women
Sex crimes are on the rise in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the reports denouncing sex crimes have increased in the last years
Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló resigns amid public outcry
After 12 days of demonstrations, Rosselló said he would step down on August 2, having failed to soothe critics by vowing not to seek re-election & giving up the leadership of his political party
Violence against women has increased in the last four months
According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019
Rape: torture and systemic gender violence in Mexico
Human rights activists lament that soldiers, navy officers, and federal police officers use sexual abuse as torture
No justice for infant femicide in Mexico
In late 2018 and early 2019, an outbreak of deaths and attacks against girls has taken over the State of Mexico
Sexual harassment has to stop
In recent years, a new harassment method has taken place: recording or taking pictures of other people without consent
Sexual harassment and attempted kidnaps in Mexico City's Metro
Mexican women have been sharing their harrowing experiences in Mexico City's subway system on social media