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Learn to cook authentic Mexican food with chef Gabriela Cámara
This approach contrasts with the recipes shared by chefs such as Ina Garten, who presented her version of a dish as authentic Mexican food
Mexico City's best new bistro rescues native maize
There is no fixed menu and the restaurant only uses seasonal produce
The origin of cod in Mexican cuisine
Originally from Noruega, cod is a white fish that lives in cold seas. It is caught in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Scandinavian countries
The story behind Mexican chili peppers
Did you know Mexico is considered as the place where chilies originated and were domesticated?
Preserving Mexican ingredients through gelato
The olive oil gelato and the cacao sorbet are a must!
Ina Garten whitewashes pozole
Garten disrespects a dish that is at least 500 years old
Aguas frescas, traditional Mexican beverages
These non-alcoholic fresh beverages are made with tropical fruits, seeds, flowers, grains, and leaves
The sacred, religious, and cannibalistic origins of pozole
Only those who were part of the elite ate pozole in Tenochtitlán
Calories in Mexican food
Have you ever wondered how many calories does a plate of pozole has?
Acitrón, a key ingredient for Mexican cuisine is now endangered
Acitrón is essential for both savory and sweet dishes, including tamales and chiles en nogada