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Mexico’s economic outlook for 2020
Mexico’s debt reached its peak during the administration led by Enrique Peña Nieto
Will Mexico increase its external debt?
In the face of economic contraction, is this the only option left?
Mexico entered a mild recession in 2019
The numbers contrast with López Obrador's presidential campaign
Mexico needs to focus on the automotive industry
This industry employs over 800,000 people and in 2018, Mexico became the 6th largest car producer
Banxico cuts interbank rate by 25 basis points
Citing slowing inflation and increasing slack in the economy, Mexico’s central bank approved by majority decision to lower the overnight interbank rate to 8.00%
Mexican economy narrowly avoids recession
Gross domestic product grew by 0.1%
Mexican Ministry of Finance to implement stimulus package
Amid discussions of a possible recession in the country, the Mexican Ministry of Finance will deploy MXN $485 billion to impulse the economy
Mexico to buyback debt of canceled airport
The new government will launch a USD $1,8000 million offer to buyback the NAIM bonds
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It is the first annual decrease after 5 months of rising rates