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60% of indigenous languages in Mexico may soon disappear
25 million people in Mexico self-identify as indigenous, though only 7.4 million speak indigenous languages
Lack of translators impedes rescue of indigenous languages
Investigators from the University of Guadalajara have warned that indigenous languages could be lost
Preserving Zapotec through board games
The board game is free and hopes to strengthen the teaching of Zapotec
Mexican students create app to learn Tseltal
Tseltal is a Mayan language spoken in Chiapas
Mexico’s indigenous languages are in danger of disappearing
A group of anthropologists and linguists sent a letter to AMLO asking him to protect indigenous languages
Ancient Maya document analyzed
The Chilam Balam Tekax was written to be used by healers, according to an INAH researcher
First Zapotec dictionary published
With 60,000 words, this dictionary gathers the basic vocabulary of Zapotec communities in Oaxaca and 62 variants of the language
UNAM announces museum to promote poetry and arts in indigenous languages
The UNAM has announced the creation of a new museum to promote indigenous poetry and other art forms
He lives in Germany, where he sings most of his performances
The Resolution, co-authored by Bolivia and Ecuador, stresses the urgent need to preserve, promote and revitalize endangered languages.