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Emiliano Zapata’s painting to be part of controversial art collection
Spanish businessman Tatxo Benet recently purchased “La Revolución” by Mexican artist Fabián Chairez due to the censorship surrounding it
Emiliano Zapata’s painting sparks homophobic controversy
In the painting “The Revolution,” Fabián Cháirez represented Emiliano Zapata from another perspective: naked, with a pink hat, and wearing high heels
Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló resigns amid public outcry
After 12 days of demonstrations, Rosselló said he would step down on August 2, having failed to soothe critics by vowing not to seek re-election & giving up the leadership of his political party
Dance of the 41 Queers: A historic event reclaimed by Mexico’s LGBTQ community
The dance of the 41 queers contributed to the visibility of homosexuality in Mexico
50 years later: How the Stonewall riots sparked LGBT rights movements
The stonewall riots lasted six days and marked the beginning of the LGBT rights movement
Former reporter calls for ex-gay march in Mexico
Mauricio Clark insists he is not promoting conversion therapy and that his claims are not homophobic
Mexican singer harms the culture of organ donation in Mexico with discriminatory rant
For the surgeon, the statements made by the Mexican singer are an “abomination” and show a total ignorance in regards to the body and human biology
The muxe community is under attack
This indigenous tradition has existed for centuries but it has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the LGBTQ movement
The hashtag #MéxicoIncluyente aims to fight the perception that homosexuality is a disease