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Durazo, the biggest loser
Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico shuts down urban clinics
Their purpose was to provide health services to the population with no social security that inhabits marginalized urban areas
Those in need deserve healthcare
In the last six months, there has been medicine shortages and cuts to financial aid for interns
“Bike Doctor” helps marginalized communities in Mexico
Mexican doctor Luis Fernando Hernández has helped more than 5,000 people over the past two years
UNAM scientists obtain patent to treat liver damage in HIV patients
The chemical formulation can return the patient's liver to its normal regenerative capacity
Budget cuts in Mexico hit patient care and delay kids’ surgeries
Without a quick reversal of the cuts, hospitals will face restrictions on transplants, equipment failures and staff shortages
Public hospitals in Mexico are running out of money
A group of hospital directors claimed that not a single institute had enough resources to last through the year
Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisis
Should be government implement budget cuts to an institution that provides healthcare to those in need?
Mexico to establish a special minimum wage for domestic workers soon
The Mexican government is planning to introduce a specific minimum wage for 2 million domestic workers in order to boost their labor rights
OECD: Mexican healthcare system is lagging behind
Mexico showed a deficit in hospital levels for all three levels of care, according to the OECD