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Bolivia harasses and intimidates Mexican diplomats
The new Bolivian government has deployed dozens of police officers to survey the Mexican embassy
Sorority: Mexican women are protecting each other
Since Mexican women can't trust the police, they are looking after each other
Sexual violence infests Mexico
In Mexico, 600,000 sexual offenses are committed every year; 9 out of 10 victims are women, and 40% are under the age of 15
Sex crimes are on the rise in Mexico
EL UNIVERSAL reveals that the reports denouncing sex crimes have increased in the last years
Workplace harassment prevails in Mexico
From January to March, at least 23,542 people resigned in order to avoid a hostile work environment
Violence against women has increased in the last four months
According to the SESNSP, 1,182 women were murdered from January to April 2019
Mexican migrants face sexual harassment, exploitation, and threats at U.S. dairy farms
Every day, migrants who work in companies from the milk industry in the U.S. face sexual harassment, non-stop working days, threats, deportation, and even being sued by employers
Sexual harassment has to stop
In recent years, a new harassment method has taken place: recording or taking pictures of other people without consent
Women face kidnap attempts in Mexico City's Metro
The city's Investigation Police is looking for men who have allegedly tried to kidnap women inside and outside Mexico City's Metro
The head of the country's agency for protecting bank customers, Mario di Constanzo, said 16,201 complaints were registered in the first six months of this year, compared to 4,997 in the same period of 2014.