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Endemic fauna of Cozumel is highly endangered by invasive species
Endemic Cozumel flora and fauna have been undermined up to 70% for human activities as well
The Mexican women protecting axolotls
Despite all the obstacles they face on a daily basis, including lack of resources and sexism, “Ajolotario Cuemanco” has been rescuing and reproducing axolotls in Xochimilco for four years
Sighting of vaquitas brings hope to the endangered species
Six specimens of vaquita were seen during an expedition that took place from August 19th to September 3rd
Acitrón, a key ingredient for Mexican cuisine is now endangered
Acitrón is essential for both savory and sweet dishes, including tamales and chiles en nogada
Manatees endangered for breach of rules in Mexico
The West Indian Manatee is in danger of extinction in Mexico and Belize due to dangers in its ecosystem
Paraíso, Tabasco was declared an unfit location for a refinery in 2008
Over 4,000 animals from 119 species will be endangered by the construction of the Dos Bocas oil refinery
Mexico's new oil refinery threatens 4,000 animals
Experts identified 4,239 animals from 119 species between March 13 and April 1, 2019, in the area
6 Mexican wolf cubs born at Chapultepec Zoo
The cubs were born from a 7-year-old female called Seje, and a 5-year-old male called Rhi
3 Mexican wolf cubs are born in Mexico
This species was previously declared extinct
Mexico has more endangered species than any other country
In 2017, the cost of resource depletion and degradation of the environment represented 4.3% of the country’s GDP