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Education in danger: Drug cartel violence shuts Mexico’s schools
Between 2019 and 2020, schools in Mexico had to suspend classes at least 199 times
Fátima’s murder proves Mexican children face a grim future
The femicide of a little girl has shocked and outraged Mexican society
The Swiss woman teaching those in need in Acapulco
Since she first arrived in Acapulco, Jovita Cavigelli made it her mission to help those in need in the Mexican port
Mayan language teaching to be mandatory in Yucatán
The objective is to rescue and preserve the native language of the state
Financial crisis at public universities
Lack of transparency and excessive benefits have affected public universities
People with disabilities deserve education
The current administration claims to be inclusive, yet it considers closing special-needs schools
Mexico will spend half a billion to fight poverty in 2020
The federal government will focus on welfare programs next year
Unemployment rate affects highly educated Mexicans
The unemployed population in Mexico ascended to 2 million in the second trimester of the year, the highest level since the third semester of 2016
Highly educated Mexicans face harsh unemployment rate
In 2019, the number of unemployed people increased to 2 million people
Schools On Wheels: Non-profit opens school for migrant children in Mexico
The teachers have experience working with displaced children in Latin America