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Economic stagnation in Mexico
Mexico urgently needs to boost the job market
Automation and unemployment
Artificial intelligence will take a toll on many employees
Mexicans have a right to internet access
In countries such as Korea, UK, Germany, or Sweden, over 90% of the population has internet access
Pemex aims to increase oil production by 2024
López Obrador said that once Pemex increases its oil output, it will produce resources to promote the country's development
BlackRock to co-host investor event with Mexico
BlackRock Inc is partnering with Mexico as the country installs internet nationwide and develops the southern isthmus
Precarious jobs and lower wages for professionals in Mexico
Wages for highly educated Mexicans have dropped 13% while precarious jobs are increasing
Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO assistant director-general for health systems and innovation, says the U.N. health agency's response is "proceeding very quickly"
The visit of Governor Dayton to Mexico will help to promote trade and investment, deepen the educational ties, and strengthen cooperation in human capital development and agriculture.