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Colombia is awakening and Iván Duque’s government has no answers
The exhaustion of a formal democratic model based on a conservative-liberal two-party system unable to meet people’s expectations is evident in Colombia, where the government of President Iván Duque struggles to articulate a response for the newest wave of protests in South America
Lenín Moreno’s harsh neoliberal measures are withdrawn in Ecuador
Popular and indigenous movements in Ecuador achieved a victory after President Lenín Moreno's government withdrew the austerity program that included an IMF loan and the sharp increase in fuel prices
Only interests: The betrayal of the Kurdish people is an old U.S. tradition
The situation of the Middle East took another dramatic turn this week with the U.S. partial withdrawal from northeastern Syria, abandoning the Kurdish militia who fought the Islamic extremists
Indigenous protests convulse Ecuador as President Lenin Moreno decries 'coup attempt'
Ecuador’s government is struggling with a large foreign debt and fiscal deficit and earlier this year reached a USD $4.2 billion loan deal with the International Monetary Fund that hinges on belt-tightening reforms
Turkey to launch military operation in northeast Syria
Turkey has already launched two military incursions in Syria’s northwest and says those operations showed it can restore services and infrastructure to areas devastated by war
AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
Operations at Peñasquito gold mine have been intermittent since March 2019
Drone attacks on Saudi Arabia increase the danger of major war in the Middle East
After four years of bombarding and starving the Yemeni people with virtual impunity, Saudi Arabia is on the front line due to the bold drone attack on its territory
Saudi Arabia attack triggers the biggest jump in oil prices in almost 30 years
The attack heightened uncertainty in a market that had become relatively subdued in recent months & now faces the loss of crude from Saudi Arabia, traditionally the world’s supplier of last resort
Xenophobic violence in South Africa: The post-apartheid model is in crisis
The xenophobic violence and looting unleashed in South Africa last week that has deteriorated its regional relations and international image are a reflection of a bigger problem
The war party threatens Colombian and Latin American stability once again
The resumption of the armed conflict in Colombia is threatening the precarious peace process of the Latin American country and regional stability, due to its manipulation by far-right and leftist radicals