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Mass grave in Jalisco: At least 29 bodies found in plastic bags
A total of 119 plastic bags with human remains were found in a well in Zapopan, Jalisco. The investigation is still in progress, however, four bodies have already been identified
105 bags with human remains found in Zapopan
Experts of the Institute of Forensic Science of Jalisco and officers of Zapopan’s Civil Protection continue working on the rescue of human remains found in Zapopan
Over 3,000 clandestine graves found in Mexico
From 2006 to August 14, 2019, 3,024 clandestine graves and 4,874 bodies have been found in Mexico
2,000 bone fragments found in Sinaloa
On August 24, members of the State Brigade for the Search of Missing People found plastic bags with more than 2,000 bone fragments of hands and feet that belonged adults, adolescents, and children
UNAM scientists develop formula to preserve corpses
With the new preservation technique, the number of postgraduate courses has increased more than 10 times in three years
Two more mass graves found in the city of Guadalajara
When family members whose loved ones are missing heard the news, they contacted the authorities in hopes of finding their family member
La prenda favorita del verano
En fiestas de cocktail, una cena romántica, un look casual o muy elaborado, esta prenda logrará resaltar tus atributos
70 out of 444 bodies identified at Jalisco Forensic Institute
Over 70 bodies out of the 444 kept by IJCF -322 of which were stored in trucks- have been identified
Semefo: no rules, no coordination
It's urgent to approve action protocols and databases to be used in the Institute of Forensic Services all over the country
They tried to rob a passenger bus bound to Mexico City when one of the passengers pulled out a gun and shot them to death