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The Mexican women protecting axolotls
Despite all the obstacles they face on a daily basis, including lack of resources and sexism, “Ajolotario Cuemanco” has been rescuing and reproducing axolotls in Xochimilco for four years
Xochimilco, a top destination in Mexico City
Xochimilco was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco on December 11th, 1987
Conoce la leyenda del ajolote y dónde puedes ir a conocerlo
Saving the axolotl from extinction
Mexican biologists have launched a rescue mission that consists of using chinampas to protect the species
International researchers have managed to sequence the axolotl's genome for the first time
Saving a legendary aquatic monster
The Mexican Axolotl is an amphibian with tadpole appearance whose main characteristics are its ability to regenerate parts of its body and its three pairs of feathery external gills