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The world’s largest monumental carpet decorates Mexico City’s Zócalo
The carpet required a total of 18 tonnes of natural and recycled materials like sawdust, salt, corn leaves, cobs, and grains, and pine branches
Candles, a tradition lighting new generations in Oaxaca
This artisanal and highly creative trade was shared from a family to a whole community as a way to improve economic conditions
After the parade, the monumental sculptures will be displayed in Paseo de la Reforma until November 17
Mexico launches program to rescue culture but it lacks transparency
Nevertheless, the use of the resources hasn't been entirely transparent
Biodegradable shoes made in Oaxaca
In 1994, when the Mexican peso depreciated before the dollar, the economic crisis struck the artisans, who abandoned their trades and migrated
Mexican ponchos for your fur babies
Mexican creativity has no limits. A clear example are these new “jorongos"
The woman behind Mamá Coco
Since the film was released, her home started filling up with visitors, nationals and foreigners, who want to say hello and take pictures with her
Mexican decorations embellish the Vatican
All Tamaulipas ornaments will remain in the Paul VI Hall as well as in the Pope's museums until February 2
Mexican artisans keep art and traditions alive
18 artisans were awarded this prize, that looks to acknowledge the talent, sensibility, and creativity of Mexican artisans
The art of making clown shoes
This small workshop in the State of Mexico supplies 50% of the national market and exports to other countries