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Emilio Lozoya can't be arrested for his alleged involvement in the Odebrecht case
Lozoya and his wife allegedly used bribe money to purchase a home in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Judge orders arrest of former governor César Duarte
César Duarte Jáquez faces 21 valid arrest warrants for different crimes, including illicit enrichment and deviation of public resources
Judge prevents the Attorney General from auctioning Emilio Lozoya's home
The former Pemex director is at large and is wanted in 190 countries
Emilio Lozoya, former Pemex director, won't be arrested
The Mexican government issued an arrest warrant against Lozoya, the former official is wanted by the Interpol in 190 countries
Lydia Cacho, the woman who dared to open Pandora's box
It has been 14 years since the journalist was detained for the publication of her book, where she exposed the existence of a pederasty network that involved businessmen and officials
Arrest warrant issued against former Governor who ordered the torture of journalist Lydia Cacho
Lydia Cacho released a book denouncing a pederasty and pedophilia network, where Kamel Nacif was involved
The passports were to be delivered to the former governor of Veracruz so he and his wife could leave to Guatemala
The Attorney General's Office said it wasn't able to locate Duarte "despite the broad deployment of criminal investigation agents to arrest him."
Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said on Wednesday that officials aren't sure where Duarte is, but believe he's still in the country
According to Miguel Ángel Yunes, Javier Duarte unexpectedly fled the state by helicopter Saturday