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Pulcaletas: The drink of the gods made popsicle
These popsicles are made from pulque, the traditional Mexican beverage, and fruits
Silk made from agave
The elaboration of agave silk is complemented by the production of vegetable dyes, giving the final product an added ecologic and aesthetic value
Raicilla obtains designation of origin
This Mexican spirit drink is a distillate of agave with two types “Raicilla de la Costa” and “Raicilla de la Sierra”
Qué es el aguamiel y sus beneficios
El aguamiel aporta grandes cantidades de fibra
Glynn and the team behind Kiko Mezcal are working on this brand using a circular economy based business, as well as an environment-friendly approach
Mexico hosts the largest tequila tasting in the world
The tasting was guided by expert Jaime Villalobos Díaz, who explained how to evaluate tequila through the senses
Only bats can save tequila
In 1995, a few years after Medellín Legorreta warned the tequila industry, a plague destroyed the agave crops in Mexico; it was so catastrophic it was named the “AIDS of tequila.”
IPN scientists treat irritable bowel syndrome with agave
The new treatment uses agavines to feed the microbiota of the colon, improving intestine motility
Mexican researchers produce activated carbon from agave
This would mean a long-term carbon reserve and would also decrease pollution
Proyecto Maguey
Conoce la historia de un maguey mezcalero que preserva la identidad de Miahuatlán, Oaxaca