The White House’s revenge

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The White House’s revenge
President López Obrador is set to meet with Trump later today - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL
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The White House’s revenge
Yesterday, the White House was happy about President López Obrador’s visit. They were so excited they misspelled his name: “Andres Manel López Obrador.” Everyone considers this to be a mistake; however, some joked that this was an act of reciprocity since Andrés Manuel López Obrador never pronounces Donald Trump’s name correctly. Nevertheless, what calls the attention is the series of compliments exchanged by the two Presidents. 

Adolfo Cuevas is trying to win the government’s heart
Since the new admin is ration took over, neoliberalism is over. This might be a useful argument for Adolfo Cuevas, the interim president of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), who allegedly wants to keep the position. We’ve been told Cuevas has been collaborating with the current government. He hasn’t explained how did information leaks from his office, which was then used by Senator Ricardo Monreal to create a bill to merge or shut down the IFT. Also, Cuevas recently appointed Morena member Merilyn Gómez Pozos as the institutional linkage coordinator. Last Friday, the official announced the IFT will donate MXN 200 million to the efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic without discussing it in Congress. We’ve been told that to conquer the current government, Cuevas only has to erase all traces of him supporting PAN presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya in 2018, as well as all the evidence of the Amparo he filed to earn more than President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Churches are ready to reopen
We’ve been told that archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes is monitoring the epidemiological system in Mexico City so that he can establish when will churches be able to reopen. We’ve been told that amid the new normal, authorities suggested reopening religious centers on July 3 and now delaying it until July 14. Nevertheless, churches are ready to reopen and have implemented a series of measures such as the use of hand sanitizer and physical distancing. 

Who will lead the Senate?
Since Morena, the ruling party, has a majority in the Senate, it can appoint the head of the Senate each year. The Senate was previously led by Martí Batres Guadarrama and now it is led by Mónica Fernández Balboa. We’ve been told that the new contenders include Antares Vázquez, Ana Lilia Rivera, Citlalli Hernández, and José Luis Pech. We’ve been told the race has been going on in silence for quite some time.