Tijuana, flooded by migrants
Thousands of Migrants traveled through Mexico to request asylum in the U.S. - Photo: Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL

Tijuana, flooded by migrants

Mexico City
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Tijuana, flooded by migrants

There are around 2,000 Central American migrants in Tijuana, who are mostly hoping to cross into the United States, which has generated complaints from citizens whose everyday life has been affected. And things could be even more complicated: there's another group comprised of thousands of migrants that has recently crossed into Mexico to arrive into the northern border. Also, there are hundreds of asylum seekers that the U.S. government is going to return to Mexico while their request is being processed, and now the president of the Attention of Migrants State Council in Tijuana, Rodolfo Hernández Bojórquez, claims a group of around 100 Russian citizens will arrive into the city, as they also want to enter the U.S. Can the city deal with the huge services, refuge, and food demand? The mayor has warned it can't.

Strikes in the northern border

Mexico's labor authorities and business leaders are hoping that dozens of companies in Matamoros that are on strike, reach an agreement and the unrest doesn't reach other states in the northern border. We've been told that the Labor and Social Security Ministry, led by Luisa María Alcalde Luján, has been actively calling for negotiation, even if this is a local matter and even when the workers' demands haven't reached the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Council. We've been told that the least they need is that these conflicts validate Donald Trump's discourse that claims that it's better for companies to establish themselves in the U.S.

Semarnat punishes deforestation

The Environment Ministry (Semarnat) and its agencies, led by Josefa González Blanco, might make some uncomfortable, as they are acting against companies linked to projects proposed by the current administration. This week, the Security, Energy, and Environment Agency, which is part of the ministry, issued the first fine, in regards to forest and environment impact matters, against the company in charge of cleaning the land where the Dos Bocas refinery will be built. For not following the environmental legislation, the company in charge will have to pay an MXN $14 million fine and reforest 83 hectares of mangrove and implement a preservation of flora and fauna program in the region.

Venezuela puts Mexico in a difficult position

Mexico is facing a rough path in regards to Venezuela, after Spain, France, and Germany threatened to recognize Juan Guaidó as President if the Nicolás Maduro, the “usurper”, doesn't call for elections in the next 8 days. Intense meetings with countries from the European Union are taking place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and among many other topics, Venezuela is being discussed. Spain's Prime Minister will arrive in Mexico later this month and he will have a solid position about the South American country. In the face of this situation, Mexico still doesn't know if it will maintain the same discourse with such a changing crisis. Meanwhile, the ministry is waiting for the OAS' answer to a question, about the legal grounds to recognize Guaidó as President in charge.


Mexico to allow migrants back in while asylum requests in U.S. unfold

Mexico will admit migrants who are undergoing an asylum process in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons
Mexico to allow migrants back in while asylum requests in U.S. unfoldMexico to allow migrants back in while asylum requests in U.S. unfold


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