Sánchez Cordero and Ebrard make peace

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Sánchez Cordero and Ebrard make peace
Rumor has it the ministerS were feuding over the migration policy - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Sánchez Cordero and Ebrard make peace

Rumors about a rift between Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard have been circulating for months, sparked by the leadership of the country's migration policy, both are working to leave rumors behind. They were seen working with 7 southern governors in order to implement a plan that integrates El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in the discussion panels. This united front takes place amid rumors of friction between cabinet members, which was admitted by the President himself, especially since Carlos Urzúa left the Finance Ministry a few days ago. At least it was one less thing to worry about for the government, a few hours before massive raids in the U.S. take place, as announced by Donald Trump.

Who is afraid of Mario Delgado?

On Saturday, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that a group of over 200 lawmakers, as well as governors and mayors, are promoting Mario Delgado to become the next Morena president. Nevertheless, the other contenders are worried about the “promotion,” because many of those who are supporting him are not party members, therefore, they wouldn't have much of an impact on the internal election. We've been old that Morena's electoral list has been closed for quite some time and that those who got close to the party after López Obrador won the election can't register new members. This means that if the internal election is carried out using the 2017 list, many of those with high-profiles will be useless.

Martí Batres says goodbye

We've been told that Martí Batres, Morena, is saying goodbye as president of the Senate because even if he wants to be reelected, the truth is the majority wants a woman to lead the Senate. Also, some of her colleagues have expressed their interest in the position: Ana Lilia Rivera, Mónica Fernández Balboa, Imelda Castro, and Citlalli Hernández. If senators don't reach an agreement, Ricardo Monreal will have to talk to President López Obrador, who would have to make the decision, nevertheless, the chosen one has to be approved by the opposition.

Sergio Mayer goes to Peru

Sergio Mayer is taking a break from his role as a federal legislator and theater actor. We've been told that Mayer is vacationing in Peru along with his wife and children. Nevertheless, he can't take too many days off because there is an extraordinary session on Thursday, where legislators have an important mission: to ratify Arturo Herrera as the new Finance Minister.


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