Nocturnal Show of Teotihuacán returns in November

The story of the sacred city will come to life with the "Nocturnal Experience in Teotihuacán"

Nocturnal Show of Teotihuacán returns in November
The tour will be 500 meters long and end in front of the Pyramid of the Sun - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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At night, when darkness engulfs the “city of the gods,” the story of its sacred temples comes to life with the show “Nocturnal Experience in Teotihuacán,” which will return starting today, November 3, at 7:00 PM.

The light show starts in the northern part of the city, where the Avenue of the Dead lies: The foundations that surround it are illuminated with the colors blue, amber, and red, which are thought to have decorated the city in the time of its greatest splendor.
With the support of an audio-guide and a custodian from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), visitors will be given a tour through 10 stations, from the Pyramid of the Moon all the way to the Pyramid of the Sun, which tell of the birth, splendor, and decadence of Teotihuacán. In the background, the sound of drums will accompany the touristic experience.

The tour will be 500 meters long and end in front of the Pyramid of the Sun. Once the attendants reach that point, they will stand in front of the pyramid staircase to witness a video mapping show which recreates the original decoration of the temple. The projection has a 45 minute duration. Upon conclusion, visitors will make their way back through the Avenue of the Dead to leave the archeological area at around 10 PM.

A complete experience

Surrounding the archaeological area of Teotihuacán, there is a series of caverns that have been adapted as restaurants and theaters. Tonalkalco  offers the “Total Experience” package, which consists of a buffet meal within the restaurant La Gruta, accompanied by folkloric dances and a theatrical performance. All for a cost of 1,300 pesos per individual (USD$65 as per the existing rate).

Furthermore, visitors may take special tours on quad bikes and bicycles to visit traditional pulquerías and ride on hot-air balloons over the ancient city.


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