Nat Geo opens VR science park in Mexico

National Geographic now presents its "Ultimate Explorer" park, featuring a new virtual reality experience

Nat Geo opens first VR science park in Mexico
The science park is meant to raise awareness of environmental protection and climate change - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL
English 27/03/2019 16:15 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 16:16
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National Geographic has now opened its first interactive science park in Mexico, the first of its kind in Latin America. The Nat Geo Ultimate Explorer will offer Mexicans an opportunity to learn about the depths of the ocean and the secret lives of seals, sharks, dolphins, and many other species.

The science park is also meant to raise awareness on environmental protection and climate change.

In order to access Nat Geo Ultimate explorer, you must first create a profile by which you will determine the kind of investigator you want to be (paleontologist, oceanographer, astronaut, etc). Next, you will be able to take part in 10 different unique experiences offered by Nat Geo, including the Space Jump, which will allow you to travel through space with a virtual reality headset.

You may also try the Robotics Lab, a place where you can interview a panda bear and learn to program a robot. But you absolutely cannot miss the Nat Geo Ultimate Explorer submarine simulator.

The new interactive park is located at the Metepec Town Square plaza on 682, Miguel Hidalgo St., State of Mexico.

Ticket prices range from MXN$99 for children to MXN$295 for adults and will me open Monday through Sunday.


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