Napito is coming back home

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Napito is coming back home
Gómez Urrutia is coming back to Mexico as a Senator- Photo: Rafel Rivera/EL UNIVERSAL
English 10/07/2018 11:04 Mexico City Opinion: Under Reserve Actualizada 10:53
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Napito is coming home

We're told that Napoleón Gómez Urrutia is coming back to Mexico because thanks to the “AMLO effect” he secured a seat on the Senate. We're also told that Andrés Manuel López Obrador kept his promise to bring the miners' leader back after he left the country in 2006 and exiled himself in Canada. They say that Mr. Napoleón is only waiting for the proportional representation list results to be official in order to come back to Mexico.

Huge catfight between Anaya and his haters

While they recover from the backlash derived from the terrible results of the July 1st election, the fight between the former presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, and his haters escalates; those who don't agree with him taking control of the PAN. In response to the Queretaro Governor, Anaya's supporters say that Francisco Domínguez has assumed a very critical position against his fellow countryman, Anaya; he is also bragging about winning all the positions in his state. What he doesn't boast about, Anaya's supporters consider, is that without the PRD and MC coalition, the PAN would have lost two seats in the Senate and in the city's capital. To make matters worst, they highlight that Morena won two districts that belonged to the PAN for a long time. Before speaking so vehemently, they say, Domínguez should tone it down and check the electoral statistics. That's how the blue ones get along...

AMLO, it's time to talk about the new airport

The first important meeting between President Enrique Peña Nieto's government and Andrés Manuel López Obrador's transition team will take place this week. The topic they will discuss, we're told, is Mexico's new International Airport. We're told that the meeting will happen on Friday and that it's very likely, although it hasn't been confirmed, that the head of the Communications and Transport Secretariat (SCT), Gerardo Ruíz Esparza, will lead the outgoing government's team. It remains to be seen if the smoothness between the outgoing and incoming governments applies to the airport topic.

No heads cut off at the SNTE

The leaders of the National Education Workers Union had a very important work session on Monday, to analyze their party's election result, New Alliance, on July 1st and the transition process. In yesterday's edition, we revealed that teachers would evaluate the terrible political decisions taken, especially having made an alliance with the PRI. Also, they didn't rule out the possibility of evaluating Juan Díaz's permanence as the union leader. Nevertheless, the union members decided to come together and affirm their compromise to defend quality public schools and the teachers' rights. We're told it wasn't a self-critique exercise and that they didn't cut off heads.


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