According to early reports, an armed group tried to break into former President Vicente Fox 's home, located in San Francisco del Rincón , in the state of Guanajuato .

At 2 PM, neighbors called the 911 after three men were spotted outside Fox's home ; one was reportedly carrying a gun . Neighbors and employees reported the men tried to break into the former President's home ,

Local police

said they found the suspects but revealed no further details.

Vicente Fox

, who was spotted at Las Vegas last week, posted a message to his Twitter account , where he said President López Obrador would be responsible if something happened to him, his family, or his property:

Since December 2018 , the f ederal government no longer provides security guards or pensions to former Presidents and their families.

After Fox 's accusation, President López Obrador said he assumed the responsibility in regards to the security of former Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón . President López Obrador instructed the assignation of 8 soldiers to protect each of them.

In the case of Felipe Calderón , President López Obrador revealed that three months ago, Calderón sent him a letter, where he explained he was worried about his security since he had launched a war against organized crime and drug cartels .

Today, during his daily press conference, López Obrador explained that the 16 security elements assigned to look after the former President will cost less than MXN $5 million and compared the number to the MXN $50 million and 80 elements that used to be assigned for each President during previous administrations.

After it was announced that security personnel would protect the former Presidents , Vicente Fox thanked López Obrador and said he wished for peace and security in the country.

Later, it emerged that two bodyguards had mistakenly tried to access Vicente Fox's home, after mistaking it for a wedding venue but Vicente Fox said there were two separate events and that he did report the first incident to the police .


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