23 | FEB | 2019

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Mexico is sent home
Mexican football players lament their defeat - Photo: Michael Dalder/REUTERS

Mexico is sent home

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Mexico City
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Mexico is left out of the World Cup after losing 2 – 0 against Brazil

After a draw at zero during the first half, Neymar scored the goal at minute 51, giving the advantage to Brazil.

(Neymar – Photo: Frank Augstein/AP)

Despite Mexico's best efforts –  and goalkeeper Ochoa's skills – Mexico was unable to score during the second half and its fate was sealed after the second Brazil goal came at minute 89.


Mexico's winning streak breaks

Mexico loses 3 to 0 against Sweden but still has a place in the World Cup
Mexico's winning streak breaksMexico's winning streak breaks

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, shared this tweet after Mexico's defeat:

"Well played, [Mexico's National Football Team]. We acknowledge your passion and performance in the 2018 World Cup Russia. Thank you for giving it your all out there. Mexico is always with you."

For their part, Mexico's Football Team thanked all the fans:


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