Mexican women empower themselves through strikes and protests
Women march during International Women's Day 2020 in Mexico City. Protests against gender violence in Mexico have intensified in recent years amid an increase femicides - Photo: Eduardo Verdugo

Mexican women empower themselves through strikes and protests

Mexico City
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Yesterday, thousands of women withdrew from public life in order to simulate their enforced disappearance

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In less than 24 hours, Mexican women went from staging massive protests to silence. Women went from inundating the streets to withdrawing from public life. The national strike organized by women had a huge impact on major cities throughout the country.

In Mexico City, the women-only sector in public transport was almost empty. Several banks were closed because they can’t operate without women. Many public schools closed. Universities were almost empty.

The voices, faces, and words of women weren’t present since the majority of them remained home.

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By skipping school, work, and other activities, Mexican women highlighted their key role in society and that their demands shouldn’t be ignored. For decades, women have been demanding equality, the eradication of macho culture, and halting violence and femicide.

The increasing femicide rates and attacks against women, as well as sexual harassment at universities, and the lack of efficient measures sparked a historical protest in Mexico City and many others in different cities.

If we had to choose an alarming problem, eradicating impunity in femicide cases would be the first.

Unfortunately, Mexico has lagged behind when it comes to delivering justice, Less than 5% of crimes are solved. Criminals know they can perpetrate crime and not be punished.

Women used protests and absence to demand a peaceful life. All governments should understand a simple and clear message: change is urgent. It’s time to listen to women, not discredit them.

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