Mexican radio host Fidel Ávila found dead in Michoacán

Fidel Ávila went missing in late November in the Mexican state of Guerrero

Mexican radio host Fidel Ávila found dead in Michoacán
Mexico is one of the deadliest countries for journalists – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 10/01/2020 14:42 Reuters Mexico City Daina Beth Solomon, Sharay Angulo & Steve Orlofsky/REUTERS Actualizada 14:58
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A radio station host and manager in the Mexican state of Michoacán who went missing in late November has been found dead, officials said on Thursday, adding to the growing murder toll of journalists as violence escalates across the country.

Local media said he had been shot to death.

Did you know violence against journalists is on the rise in Mexico?

Mexico registered 10 killings of journalists in 2019, the same number as the year before and in line with Syria, according to Reporters Without Borders, making Mexico one of the world’s most dangerous places for media workers.

The body of Fidel Ávila, of the “Ke Buena” station in the western state of Michoacán’s Huetamo municipality, was found on a highway earlier this week, 40 days after he was last seen at a cultural event in neighboring Guerrero state, Mexico’s National Commission of Human Rights said.

“Our condolences to the family and friends of Fidel Ávila Gómez, a journalist in Michoacán. We deeply lament his murder,” presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez wrote in a post on Twitter.

Did you know more journalists are murdered in Mexico than in Afghanistan?

Michoacán and Guerrero are two of Mexico’s most violent and lawless states, where rival drug gangs have battled to control smuggling routes.

The president of the Michoacán Association of Journalists, Álvaro García, told local television that criminal activity in the area was at a peak.

“There is always a persistent risk,” he said.

Did you know the U.N. has urged Mexico to protect journalists and activists?


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