LALA closes distribution center in Tamaulipas due to insecurity

Mexican dairy company Grupo LALA reported the temporary shutdown of their distribution center in the city of Mante, Tamaulipas

LALA closes distribution center in Tamaulipas due to insecurity
Dairy products of Mexican company Grupo LALA - Photo: José Luis González/REUTERS
English 23/05/2018 14:50 Miguel Pallares Mexico City Actualizada 14:57
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Mexican dairy company Grupo LALA reported the temporary shutdown of one of their distribution centers located in the city of Mante, Tamaulipas, on May 3. "Security conditions in the city were deemed inadequate to continue operating in the region,” said the corporate group in a press release.

The dairy company, run by Scot Rank, explained that they are working with local authorities to reactivate their operations in the complex.

“The company is currently collaborating with authorities to resume the distribution center’s activities as soon as possible,” claimed the company spokesman.



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