Hidalgo breaks World Record

With an extension of 767 square meters, they've created the largest Day of the Dead altar

According to official information, the cost of the altar was over 500 thousand MXN - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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With an extension of 767 square meters and seven levels which symbolize the deadly sins, the state of Hidalgo has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest Day of the Dead altar, a tradition present in all the states of the Mexican Republic where our late loved ones are remembered with votive candles and cempasúchil flowers (Mexican marigold).

Carlos Tapia, Guinness World Record representative to Mexico and Latin America, pointed out this altar met all the necessary requirements to be eligible for the record, in addition to highlighting the elements, tradition, and measures to comply with the representation of this Mexican tradition.

Before, the record belonged to an altar created in 2014 with a surface of 558 square meters.

According to the official information, the estimated cost of the altar was over 500 thousand MXN, and they used 400kg of oranges, 10kg of peanuts, 100kg of guava, 400kg of bananas, 20kg of Mexican hawthorn (tejocote), 20kg of corns, 20kg of pumpkins and at least 100 sacks of sawdust.

The local Minister of Culture, Olaf Hernández, stressed several state departments participated in the creation of this altar, and that volunteers provided some of the items, such as the fruit.

According to the local Minister of Tourism, Eduardo Baños, the altar will remain until November 5 and they expect to receive 100 thousand visitors.


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