First Latin American Rap Summit starts in Mexico

The event will gather the most famous hip hop artists in Latin America to discuss music and social struggles

First Latin American Rap Summit starts in Mexico
Danger, a rapper from Tijuana, and who is also part of the organization - Photo: COURTESY OF DANGER
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The first Latin American Rap Summit starts today in Morelia, Michoacán. The event will gather 30 of the most famous hip hop artists in the continent to share their experience in the music industry and the issues that the genre addresses.

Danger, a rapper from Tijuana and one of the organizers stated: “We are living a very important moment in the history of Latin American rap because the market is about to boom, multinational record companies are signing several of our partners and promoting their work. Another important subject we need to address are social movements and struggles; we need to know what hip hop is doing to help these movements thrive.”

Some of the rappers invited were Aczino, Alikantoh, Anamarys Gil, Janeidy Molina, Masta Quba, Menuda Coincidencia, Nakury, Olmeca, Zoe Salazar, Ximbo, and Infranich, among others. They all have one thing in common: Their artistic and social responsibility. Many of them are activists and cultural promoters.

“We also want to make it known that hip hop has the power to transform society and the way young hispanic people communicate. We want to lead and enrich these youngsters to generate positive changes in society,” the rapper added.

The event will address subjects such as rap and society, freestyle, hip hop, indigenous languages, and music genres, among others. The event will take place at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)’s campus in Morelia, organized by the National Laboratory of Oral Materials.


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