The enchanted waterfalls in Mexico

Chorros del Varal is located in the Mexican state of Michoacán and settlers say it is inhabited by the spirit of an indigenous princess

The enchanted waterfalls in Mexico
There are seven waterfalls in Chorros del Varal - Photo: Courtesy of Touryck Travel
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There are still unknown paradises in Mexico: This one is called Chorros del Varal and, besides being stunning, it is enchanted, or so is what the locals say.

The seven waterfalls of Chorros de Varal fall from 70 meters high and are 100 meters wide in rainy season during the Summer.

The waterfalls are hiding in the municipality of Los Reyes in the state of Michoacán, a 3-hours journey by highway from Morelia, and 2 hours from Uruapan.

They are impressive not only because of their size but because they are surrounded by vegetation and because their flow, that comes from an underground river, seems to dart from the middle of the mountain.

But something else happens here: They say that in this place lives the spirit of an indigenous princess that appears during the Holy Week. The princess approaches visitors and asks them for help to carry a container (a basket, a pot, or a jar, depending on who tells the story) full of stones. The person who decides to help will have to climb a stairway of over 800 steps with a warning: he will not look back. If the person complies, those heavy stones will become gold. Hence, both parties win: The tourist becomes rich and the soul of the princess will be finally free.

From this legend, the only thing we know for sure is the hundreds of steps one must climb down to arrive at the feet of the waterfalls, where swimming is allowed, but only in some areas because the current of an underground river could drag you down.

Chorros del Varal, with a surface of 72.2 hectares, became a Natural Protected Area in 2007 for its rich biodiversity that is home to ocelots, green macaws, white-tail deer, and otters.

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