22 | NOV | 2019
Durazo, the biggest loser
Mexico's Security Minister Alfonso Durazo holds a news conference a day after cartel gunmen clashed with federal forces, resulting in the release of Ovidio Guzmán from detention- Photo Stringer/ REUTERS

Durazo, the biggest loser

Mexico City
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Durazo, the biggest loser

It seems like Alfonso Durazo, the Security Minister, is being criticized by the army and Morena. We've been told that Morena members think it would be difficult to support him in his dream to become the next Sonora Governor. We've been told that his role in the release of Ovidio Guzmán damaged his reputation, not only because the operation was improvised and failed, but also because he seemed to blame everyone else but himself. Some consider that he's basically campaigning to become Governor and doesn't want to take decisions that could damage him, therefore, some think the party should tell him it won't support him in his bid to become Governor so that he focuses on national security. It turns out the release of Ovidio Guzmán, the son of “El Chapo” Guzmán, might mean Durazo lost the war.

Read about the arrest and release of El Chapo's son.

Astros vs. Yankees

Not everything is bad for President López Obrador. Last week was quite complicated and he was harshly criticized for what some consider to be a failed strategy to fight insecurity and lower violence rates in Mexico. Nevertheless, the President didn't fail in something. He predicted that the Houston Astros would defeat the New York Yankees and that the Astros would win the World Series. So far, the Astros beat the Yankees and they could son the world champions, as the Mexican President predicted.

Graue might stay at the UNAM

This week, the first stage of the process to appoint a new dean at the UNAM comes to an end. This means that on Thursday, the Government Board will release the names of the contenders. Nevertheless, experts explain that with the lowest number of candidates in three decades, along with the support of the university community, it is predicted that Enrique Graue will become the UNAM dean once again. Nevertheless, we've been told that there are some people who are urging the UNAM to implement a process that involves the whole community.

Mexico's new health system

Today, 10 months after the new government took office, President López Obrador presented the National Health Plan where he will reveal how will Mexico provide universal healthcare. Nevertheless, the main issue is the legal existence of the Wellness Health Institute since it hasn't been approved by Congress. Another challenge will be to hire doctors, who don't have social security. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is anxiously waiting for the plan to see what role will in play in the current administration. One of the main challenges is that the document contains the formula to transform the fragmented system and achieve quality health services for all Mexicans. This is the beginning of the President's plan to have a health system similar to those in Nordic countries and Canada.


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