Disposable political parties are a financial burden

Every year, new political parties emerge only to disappear a few years or months later

Disposable political parties are a financial burden
These political parties rarely contribute something to society - Photo: Víctor Pichardo/EL UNIVERSAL
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In Mexico, there are political parties that are created and then disappear after participating in one election. Some of then join forces and become one and few others have changed its name or are the heirs of former political forces. This is the case of the ruling party, Morena, which is an excision of the PRD, but it has also continued with a socialist tradition represented by parties such as the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM), the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico (PSUM), and the Mexican Socialist Party (PSM).

The PRI and PRD are on a comatose state

Nevertheless, parties such as the Popular Socialist Party (PPS), the Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution (PARM), the Mexican Democratic Party (PDM), or the Social Democrat Party (PSD) are a few examples of now-defunct political parties, which disappeared when the PRI and the PAN were the only strong political forces, perhaps not for their credibility but for their network, which included unions and business leaders. Unfortunately, each of these failed attempts to create a political party that could contend against consolidated parties had a huge price for Mexico; public resources that could have been allocated to urgent matters. In the last decade, at least four political parties disappeared after being unable to achieve the minimum votes required and represented the loss of MXN $5,000 million.

15,000 people unduly affiliated to political parties in Mexico

The fact that a large part of the social organizations or unions that became political parties and then suddenly disappeared are one of the main reasons to cut the budget of political parties because as it has become evident in recent years, these are temporary businesses for those who founded the parties, which allowed them to receive an income for some time, without contributing anything to society or to the groups they allegedly represented. While these failed political parties survived, they only created campaigns and slogans that didn’t have a real impact on Mexican society and were just popular songs or funny lines that were quickly forgotten. Meanwhile, these parties only meant an economic burden for Mexico, paid for by taxpayers.

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