Is Morena a liberal party?

We’ll have to pay attention to the Senate , where they might pass a reform to the first article of the Constitution , in regards to the free development of personality, as well as the recreational use of . Let’s remember that the ruling party is divided on issues that upset the conservative and religious sectors. Inside Morena , one of the most conservative members is Senator Lilly Téllez , who has scolded her fellow party members for supporting . On the other hand, pro-life groups have been able to delay the discussion of these issues in the lower chamber . The debate will be tense and long but we’ll see if the current administration is able to achieve its liberal agenda or if it is going to give in to the demands made by conservatives .

A recipe to hide information

Several ministries were forced to release information after the INAI ruled that is should release public information . Let’s not forget that one of the most emblematic cases in 2019 was when someone asked the Foreign Affairs Ministry to release the diplomatic note used to request the provisional detention and extradition of , Javier Duarte ’s wife but the Ministry refused and argued that this document was “ confidential .” In the need, the Ministry released a public version of the document. We hope that in 2020 , other ministries follow suit and release public information.

Another crisis at the ISSSTE

It seems life the director, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda , won’t celebrate the new year. Patients with chronic kidney failure , who need hemodialysis treatment, are asking him to guarantee their medical attention . For example, in clinics in Xalapa, Durango, and Mérida, patients have to receive the treatment at private clinics the ISSSTE signs contracts with, but the contracts have yet to be renewed. They have called Ramírez Pineda to look into the issue, verify if the contracts have expired, and renew them because their lives depend on this treatment .

Who infiltrated the SAT?

We’ve been told that in the incoming days, there could be changes at the ( SAT ), as it was detected that several officials who worked for the Peña Nieto administration are still working for the government department. Despite the changes made to the SAT, these officials have kept on implementing disqualification measures , which were the result of last-minute audits , but those affected consider that this measure was used to affect them for not supporting the government.


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