The dirty campaign against the Fourth Transformation

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The dirty campaign against the Fourth Transformation
AMLO and Del Mazo- Photo: File Photo/EL GRÁFICO
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The dirty campaign against the Fourth Transformation

We're told that yesterday, the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, repeated some of the phrases he sued during his campaign. During a meeting at the plaza de los Mártires, in Toluca, Mr. Andrés accused the “mafia del poder” (power mafia) and added that there's a new threat: the existence of “delaying forces” that don't want change to take place in Mexico. In the public square, next to Higinio Martínez' group, Texcoco, the President-elect repeated words such as magnate, power mafia, fancy press, golden bureaucracy, radical conservatives; all of them used to denounce that there's a campaign against the Fourth Transformation. For some minutes, AMLO forgot all about “peace and love.”

Who will be in charge of the sanitary risks?

It's not about a position in the cabinet, nevertheless, its responsibility and the type of issues it manages are beyond some of the ministries. Its the Cofepris head. Few know this, but the Cofepris is the most important sanitary agency in Latin America and MXN $44 cents of every MXN $1 peso spent by Mexicans are regulated by it in categories such as medicines, food, and beverages. The market regulated by the Cofepris is worth, at least, 10% of the GDP. We're told that the incoming government is about to decide who will be in charge of this organism, which is also in charge of many sanitary safety issues. Although several contenders have been named, we're told that two of them have emerged as the main contenders: Elías Miguel Moreno Brizuela, a man close to the President-elect and who worked with Marcelo Ebrard, and Julio Sánchez y Tepoz, the current commissioner, a designation that would be seen as a transition, while someone in AMLO's team is ready to take over.

The Inter-urban train is happening

They say that during yesterday's meeting between Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the State of Mexico Governor, Alfredo del Mazo, there wasn't bad news and that the locals were surprised with Mr. Andrés' commitment to supporting the PRI Governor. In Del Mazo's team, they say that AMLO promised to give MXN $46,000 million in social aid to the eastern municipalities and the Valley of Mexico. Additionally, they told us that the future President ended the uncertainty and confirmed that there are resources to finish the Inter-urban Train. In the end, the State of Mexico will receive the biggest budget investment in the country.

Huerta's “lovely drowsiness”

In Morena's bench, they suspect that they're being spied on by the PRI members and that they were the ones who leaked the pictures of Congressman Manuel Huerta Martínez, who was caught sleeping during a session for the second time. We're told that they're sure that the hidden camera is placed in the PRI seats. No one doubts that the PRI exposed the Morena member, but they had nothing to do with the Congressman's response, who said that the “alkaline tide” caused him to fall asleep. His scientific explanation is flawless: “you eat and say to yourself: oh, this is natural, it's physiological. The digestive system uses most of the energy for digestion, so you sit down and you get drowsy, and that makes you ohhhh.” Try and debate that explanation.


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