14 | NOV | 2019
Commemorating the '68 movement through culture
The Centro Cultural Elena Garro – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Commemorating the '68 movement through culture

Mexioc City
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The Centro Cultural Elena Garro is commemorating the 1968 movement's 50th anniversary by organizing musical, literary, and theatrical activities

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The Elena Garro Cultural Center is organizing a series of activities, including movies, music, and workshops to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student movement.

Titled “The 1968 footprint”, and with the collaboration of journalists and academics who will review movies related to the student's movement in Mexico and the world, the event will take place from July 16 to August 11, said the Culture Secretariat.

Fernando Moreno will present “Whose side are you on?“(¿De qué lado estás?) by Eva López Sánchez; “Dreamers”(Soñadores) by Bernardo Bertolucci will be commented by Paola Vázquez.

Some of the 1968 movement's protagonists, witnesses, and academic experts will sit down on its discussion table to share their reflections and opinions.

Armando Ponce, Proceso's culture editor, will lead the talk “Intellectuals and journalism. The 68 movement”; and the discussion “Left, democracy, and myths. The 1968 legacy” will be attended by Fabrizio Mejía Madrid, journalist and writer, Xavier Rodríguez, COLMEX, and Diego Rabasa, editor.

The will also host a literary workshop led by Alejandro Toledo, where they will analyze the poetsreactions, the participant's testimonies, and the narrative fiction based on the events.

The Salvajes Narradores collective will make live adaptations of fragments from Tlatelolco's Night (La noche de Tlatelolco), Elena Poniatowska's novel, and 1968. The world could have changed its foundation (El mundo pudo cambiar de base), by Jaime Pastor, Manuel Garí, and Miguel Romero.

Los Nakos mix political satire and parody in their songs; they're a band that was born within the context of the 1968 movement. Also, Ismael Colmenares and his band will relive the music that was heard during the protests, meetings, and cultural brigades.

Starting on July 16 and up to October 30, all the Educal bookstores will have a selection of books related to the 1968 movement and special promotions from different publishing houses.


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